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A new way to view the Fiori Apps Library

You can use FusionGraph to identify which Fiori Apps you can deploy in order to provide your business with an easier, more intuitive way to run their SAP applications

The SAP Fiori Apps Reference Library includes a huge amount of detail about the Fiori Applications that are available to your business. FusionGraph provides you with a new way, graphical way to discover these applications. 

1. To identify Fiori Apps, you should first identify an area of the SAP Application hierarchy. This can be a functional area, or you can use your ST03 import to highlight the areas of the system that you use. In the example, I have focussed on one area, Sales Orders within Sales and Distribution (SD-SLS). 

View business process in FusionGraph

2. Next, run an Impact Assessment in the SAP Fiori Layer Menu. I am using the Transactional option in the example but there are various options in the menu relating to what type of applications are available or what backend technology is used. 

Impact assess business processes in FusionGraph

3. The Impact Assessment will display all items within the Fiori Apps relevant to this area of SAP. 

View Fiori apps in your SAP impact assessment

4. You can double-click on any of these and bring up more information, including a link out to the relevant section of the Fiori Apps Library.

Add info about the Fiori Apps you will use 

5. Under the Classifications section of the Properties panel, you can also view additional information such as the version of SAP that introduced the change.  

Classify the Fiori Apps you will use

6. You can link this information to items in your own Knowledge Graph. You may be building a suite of Fiori Apps for a particular functional area and use FusionGraph to group these into one Roadmap. In the example, we have connected two of the Fiori Apps we found to a B2B eCommerce Roadmap item. 

Link Fiori Apps to business processes in your Roadmap

7. At a later date, when we are looking to develop our B2B eCommerce development plan, we can retrieve all the items we have identified.


Some SAP Datasets have been simplified and consolidated for easier usage:

  • Fiori applications (apart from Fiori - SAP GUI) are now grouped under Fiori and split up by classification for Fiori Type rather than being represented as separate layers