Build and Improve your Business Process Framework

Define, manage, build and improve your Business Process Framework

Upload or build your Business Process Master List and connect it up to the applications, people and partners that support it.

Adopt APQC business process frameworks and KPIs so you can define and build best practice business processes.

Identify and document areas for business process improvement and manage.

Document and classify all the elements of your processes so you can easily understand what’s in or out of scope, what’s important, what will be impacted by change and what will deliver competitive advantage.


Create a centralised definition of your business processes that’s fully connected to the technology and people who run and support them.

Easily target and document business processes for definition and improvement.

Run process workshops directly in FusionGraph so you can make decisions and dynamically make updates in real time.

Understand the impact of changes and projects on business processes.

Adopt industry best practices and improvements.

How can I do this in FusionGraph?

  • Your imported Business Process data is just the starting point.
  • Use the Card Viewer to drive your process workshops with real-time analysis, easy editing, and instant validation of your process landscape.
  • The Inactive property field can filter any out-of-scope processes.
  • Use the Classification filters to identify processes for improvement.
  • Overlay any connected items to the framework (E.g. Applications, Geographies etc.)
  • Use the Relationship Filter to alternate between Current and Target applications.
  • Right click to edit highlighted classifications and double click to connect to related items.
  • Save for future recall and follow-up workshops.
  • Download a PNG snapshot to share.