Canvas Menu in FusionGraph

What is the Canvas Menu in FusionGraph?

Related Items

Once you have selected an item on your Knowledge Graph you can see what items relate to it from the Canvas Menu.

Using the  Screenshot (281)  button you can see the parent items from the selected item on the Knowledge Graph.

Use the  Screenshot (282)  button to look at the children items below the selected item from the Knowledge Graph. 

 Screenshot (280)

Direct Connections to Knowledge Item

Visualize the direct connections to your Knowledge Item by using the Screenshot (283) button on the Canvas Menu, this adds all direct connections to your Knowledge Graph.

Screenshot (278)

All Connections to Knowledge Item

Sometimes you will want to look at all connections to a Knowledge Items and there is an easy to do this on FusionGraph with the Screenshot (284) button, this highlights all items connected to your Knowledge Item.Screenshot (263)

Edit your Knowledge Items

If you would like to change the information of your Knowledge Items then use the Screenshot (285)

button, this allows you to change the name and description of the item selected.

Screenshot (279)