Canvas Toolbar

Learn how to use the Canvas Toolbar in FusionGraph and about it's functionality

Once you have loaded up the canvas on FusionGraph at the bottom of the screen you will find the Canvas Toolbar.

Screenshot (271)


Hone In on your Graph

As your graph gets bigger and more complicated use these 3 buttons to focus on what you want.

Screenshot (274)

Visualize your entire graph by using the fit graph to screen button.

To zoom out of your graph use the zoom out button.

To focus on particular points of your graph, use the zoom in button.

Layout features in the Canvas Toolbar

Manipulate how items interact in the canvas using the Canvas Control Menu

Screenshot (276)

Select items on your graph either upwards or downwards from your selected item on your graph.

There is also a toggle physics button to start and stop the physics mechanic in FusionGraph so your graph can move freely.

Save Options 

Save your current canvas for future use or load an old canvas.

Screenshot (277)

You can freeze or unfreeze your items to change how your graph interacts on the canvas.

With the save options on the Canvas Toolbar you can save or load your canvas or even export your canvas as a PNG.

If you make a mistake with your graph then you can revert to your graph to it's previous visual state with the undo button.

Use the lines and labels button to toggle on the lines and labels between connections.

Advanced Drawing feature

This feature allows you to add new items and connect them whilst also giving you the ability to reconnect items or delete them.

Screenshot (273)

To create connection relationships use the Connect Items option:

A line can then be dragged between the two items to connect.  Here we’re creating a link between Employee Master and SAP S/4HANA:

Note that if there are multiple connection relationships available between two items you will be prompted to select the one you wish to create.