Capture Workarounds, Inefficiencies and Business Frustrations

Document all the tacit knowledge about how your business operates

Ensure that the way your business works and any current workarounds are fully documented and linked to the appropriate business units, teams and geographies.

Centrally capture inefficiencies and business frustrations so they’re logged and visible to business and project teams.


Ways of working and workarounds are often not well documented so can have an impact on business improvements and programmes if not fully considered.

Inefficiencies and frustrations are often in spreadsheets or people's heads so can now be fully visible and addressed via planned projects.

How can I do this in FusionGraph?

  • Activate your Inefficiencies, Ways of Working and Workarounds layers from FusionGraph’s Account Setup Menu and load their standard classifications and relationships.
  • Import or create the required items and use standard or custom classifications to categorize them.
  • Make connections to related items within your OrgGraph such as Applications, Business Processes, Geographies and Partners.
  • Connect out to related items in the PlanGraph and link to Projects, Roadmap items, Benefits and Solution Components.
  • Load your Inefficiencies, Ways of Working or Workarounds to the Matrix, bring in any properties, classifications, connections and edit within this view.

  • Save for future recall and editing. Download a CSV to share.