How to add data to your FactGraph

Add layers to visualize your FactGraph

FactGraph covers the other information about your business that is not usually captured in a formal way. This can be 'tacit' information that some people may be aware of but everybody may need to know.

These can relate back to your OrgGraph for example where Workarounds are used in the business because the business process or application does not support the business, where problems or inefficiencies exist, and where process risks and controls are in place. 

To add data to your FactGraph.

1. Click the options button.

Screenshot (160)

This will load a drop down menu.


2. Click on the + button.

Screenshot (161)


3. Select FactGraph as your parent layer, then you can add your reference layer and your children items.

Screenshot (286)

You can add a single item or create multiple items at the same time by adding a list of Item Names on separate lines and then maintaining the properties for each afterwards.


Note: When creating items you can:

  • Use the top 3 dropdown fields to specify whether they are part of the OrgGraph, FactGraph or PlanGraph
  • Choose which data layer they belong to
  • Choose whether you wish the item to be created as a child of another item

For example, you might create a Geography data item as Europe and then create children underneath Europe to represent countries or locations.


4. Fill in the details of your item such as the name, description, to and from dates.

Screenshot (286)

You can add a reference as well.

After this, click save and your new layer will be created.