Explore What’s Available in S/4HANA to Build Your Roadmap

Use you current SAP usage to build your transformation roadmap

Discover the functionality that will support your business strategy by analyzing your current SAP usage.

Explore what’s new, changed, deleted and on the roadmap for every release of S/4HANA. This includes functional and technical changes as well as Fiori apps with direct access to SAP documentation and resources.

Curate the functionality that’s important to your business into a roadmap with defined benefits.


Build a strong business case for S/4HANA that will win the support of IT and the business.

Develop a roadmap for the adoption of S/4HANA along with the expected benefits and outcomes.

Understand the impact on applications, technology, processes and teams.

How can I do this in FusionGraph?

  • Import your ST03N SAP usage data and load the imports for the SAP Application Hierarchy items and SAP Transactions.
  • Isolate the areas and items of interest on the Canvas and remove the rest from the display.
  • Impact assess against SAP’s New, Changed and Alerts (Deleted / Deprecated) functionality.
  • Impact assess against related SAP Fiori apps.
  • Impact assess against related SAP Technical functionality to explore the SAP Simplification List.
  • Investigate these items and their potential impact, via the SAP Resource links. 
  • Create Roadmap items and connect to the SAP / Fiori items of relevance to begin curating your S/4 Roadmap.
  • Isolate a Roadmap item and add all connections to see everything that's linked to it.
  • Save for future recall and further collaboration within your team.
  • Load your Roadmap items to the Matrix and add in the connected items from the SAP Datasets including any properties and classifications.
  • Save for future recall and editing. Download a CSV to share.