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How to use the Connection Filter and Display Options

This section covers how to use the Connection Filter along with the different Display Options on layer filtering.

1. Select a layer filtering option (OrgGraph, FactGraph, PlanGraph or Datasets Filtering).

2. Click on the button located on the right of the layer you wish to filter.

You can remove the filter by pressing the tick button.

Note: Any filter you have applied carries over to new card views.

Display Options

Display Options

Display as Text - Displays the names of connected items for the filtered layer.

Display Text
Display as Icons - Displays the icons of connected items for the filtered layer, the name of each icon can be seen when hovering over. 

Display Icons


Filter - You can search for a key word to only show connected items associated with the key word. (e.g. 'SAP' would only show connected items that have SAP in their name).


Remove Connection Labels - Removes the connection type of the filtered layer e.g. improve/enable labels have been removed but the connected items are still shown.

Remove Connection Labels
Show Individual Connections
- Only show one connection type on the Card Builder e.g. show 'Enable' Connections will display all enable connection types and remove the improve connection types.

Individual Labels
Show all Connection Labels
 - Shows all connection types of the filtered layer e.g. improve/enable will both be shown.

Display Text

Note: Display as Text & Show all Connection Labels are the default options.