FusionGraphs Intelligent Layout

Learn about how the FusionGraph visualization physics

Put a spring in your visualization

Let the FusionGraph physics engine lay out your visualization based on natural, dynamic physics. Drag items and related connections will follow.

Add Items and your visualization will automatically adapt to occupy the FusionGraph canvas.

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Use categories to defy physics

The classifications on your Layers can be used to layout items based on logical groupings.

If you classify applications as Cloud vs. On-Premise, you can automatically arrange your visualization with items grouped on their classifications.

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Each classification can be given a weighting so that Items can be quickly plotted on the X or Y axis of the FusionGraph canvas.

Use data to defy physics

Any property on an Item can be used to layout your visualization on the canvas. Organise by timeline, cost, benefit value, ranking - whatever floats your boat.

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Reload your visualization

Happy with your visualization? Save it and reload it at any time.

If new data has been added since the last save, it will automatically appear in your saved visualization and FusionGraph's physics engine will put it the most logical place.

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You need a visualization for your big presentation tomorrow?

No problem. Any visualization can be exported as a transparent PNG file that can be pasted into PowerPoint, Word or email.

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