Enterprise Knowledge Management

Transform enterprise knowledge management through interactive graph data technology

Provide a single, connected view of everything that’s going on

ERP touches every part of your business, and the complexity can get overwhelming.

FusionGraph lets you visualize the people, processes and technology that make up your enterprise - plus all your projects and plans - to simplify the complexity of running ERP.

Capture knowledge - processes, systems, teams, ways of working, tacit knowledge…

One of the biggest ERP challenges is understanding how every team, department, and geography uses it differently.

With FusionGraph you work collaboratively - allowing your people to map the idiosyncrasies and intricacies of their roles. The result is an in depth knowledge graph of everything that matters in your organization. 

Create a digital twin of your organisation

Digital Twins are already widely adopted in manufacturing and asset management - but these aren't the only industries that can benefit.

FusionGraph lets you build digital twins that extend beyond just assets to include people, process, technology, data and everything else that is important to your business.

Having a digital twin of your business makes impact assessment easier and more accurate than ever before.

Simplify the capture and visualisation of data to improve onboarding & knowledge sharing

The longer your onboarding takes, the longer you you'll be waiting for your team to effect change.

With FusionGraph it's easy to see which roles relate to which systems, applications and processes, so you can rapidly create a role specific onboarding plan that will greatly reduce ramp up on your next ERP project.

Replace out of date PowerPoints, Visio and PDFs with knowledge driven interactive graphs

When you store knowledge in static Visios, PDFs and PowerPoints document control becomes a challenge and there is no single source of the truth.

And, these kinds of documents are often disconnected and can quickly become inaccurate and out of date.

FusionGraph consolidates all your important information into one cloud hosted location so it's always accurate, accessible and up to date.

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