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Adding Connected Reference Data

What is Reference data and what can it be used for?

Reference data that is available to be interacted with the Matrix builder will appear down the left hand menu of the page. From here you can choose what data that you wish to be used when creating your Matrix view. 

PLEASE NOTE. After the first layer has been added to the Matrix view. The left hand menu will only show layers that have a connection defined to/from that layer.

Screenshot 2022-04-11 at 16.07.33

Hierarchy on Matrix View
The background colour & left border of the Matrix builder represent the hierarchy of the items, with higher level items having a deeper coloured background & thinner border.

Connected layers on Matrix View
For connected layers added to the Matrix view, the arrow represents what direction the connection is (to/from). The phrase in brackets is the user defined description for how they are connected. For example 'SAP ECC' Enable 'Record to Report'. (Same relationship on the canvas below).
SAP ECC enables Record to Report

Using the reference data you can build up a Matrix view from your data reference to give customised views in FusionGraph. This will give you the ability to have focused data so you can view the data that you wish and to see how this connects to other data references that you wish to see.  

Screenshot 2022-04-12 at 13.05.17

Classifications on Matrix View
The number in the square brackets indicates the weighting of the classification.

You can add any number of reference data columns to your Matrix view, you can use the scroll bar at the top to view large Matrices, or press the arrow in the top left to slide the left hand menu away for a clearer view.

Editing on Matrix View
Any item on the matrix view, except column headers, can be double clicked to open up the right hand properties box. This can be edited & saved like on the canvas or card views to make changes to a specific item.