Search and Filter

Learn how search and filter operates in FusionGraph

Google the Graph

You Knowledge Graph will get big as you build it out. Plus, with FusionGraph's Graph Datasets like SAP S/4HANA and APQC, you have literally tens of thousands of items available.

Use the Global Graph Search to find anything in your Graph and add it to you canvas.

Screenshot (62)

Need to searching a little more specifically?

Tweak Global Graph Search and restrict to a specific Layers.

Let's search business processes for "Inventory" or SAP Transactions for VL02.

Screenshot (63)

There's a lot going on. Where is.....?

If you have large or complex visualizations, you can search the current canvas and instantly cycle through items using the Find on Canvas feature.

Screenshot (267)

Cut down that visualization

Instantly cut through your visualization by filtering any Layer by Categorization. Filter out On-Premise applications, Non-Critical Business Processes, SAP functionality by version number, or People with beards.

Screenshot (69)-1

See what impacts everything

Cut down your visualizations based on impacts via connections with other Knowledge Items. Which applications are impacted by a project?

Which business processes are impacted by a change? Which processes support a strategic thrust?

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