User Management and Access Control in FusionGraph

How to manage users and control access to FusionGraph functionality

There are three levels of user permissions within FusionGraph. You can assign each of your team with one of these levels to give them access to the features they need.

Customer Admin

The Customer Admin role is for your system Administrator. They can do everything - set up new accounts, change permissions, import data, delete imports and add, edit and delete information within the system. You should limit this role to one or two people ideally.


Editors can do everything that Customers can do, plus add, edit and delete items within the system.


Customer permissions provide basic access to the system. It allows you to search and view information and save / load views. These users are not able to make any changes to any data as this is a view only role.

Changing Permissions

Permissions can be changed from within the Account -> Account Home menu. Within the Users section, all users are listed with their current level.

Screenshot (76)

To the right of the account details is a dropdown containing each level. By selecting a new level you will change their permissions.

Screenshot (77)

Adding New Users

The Account Home area also lets you invite people to set up an account by entering their name and email. This will send them an email containing full instructions about how to login and set their password.

Screenshot (73)-1

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

It's possible to setup two-factor authentication for FusionGraph users if required. This will require users to supply a mobile phone number as well as an email address in order to access the product. If you require this to be activated for your organization please contact Resulting.